Happy 9/11 Day, You Guys

Just as every year downtown New York is illuminated by twin beams of memorial light, so too does Videogum observe it’s own 9/11 tradition of posting the video in which a terribly misguided mime impersonates the mime airplanes hitting the mime towers (mime yikes). That treat is after the jump.

You know, last year was Videogum’s first 9/11, and we tried to match the solemnity and national importance of the day by pointing out the fact that there was an incongruity between writing Brody Jenner hair-product-updates while the actual news carried genuinely meaningful remembrances and tributes to the 3,000 people who died on that horrific morning. Perhaps this is what they mean by survivor’s guilt. At times you can feel like you’re not taking the responsibility of being alive seriously enough if your time is spent in superfluousness (although, to be fair, these Brody Jenner hair-product-updates aren’t going to write themselves!).

But this year feels different.

It’s not that the tragic events of 9/11 are any less tragic in themselves, but that the “tragic events of 9/11″ the concept has become a punchline. Whether the very real, and very enduring fear and anger that continues to boil from that day is being exploited to sell souvenir nightmare coins, or explain why Glitter was not the box-office success that it should have been, or fuel Charlie Sheen’s borderline-mental illness, not to mention the fucking Fringe finale, the conceptual impact of the day has completely divorced itself from the emotional reality. While none of us will ever forget where we were, and all of our lives are forever changed by it, the term “9/11″ has been turned into a tool of emotional manipulation and sarcastic exaggeration (“this is worse than 9/11″).

This was probably true last year as well, I just didn’t have 12 months worth of ridiculous 9/11 things to link back to. BLOGGING THROUGH TIME.

Anyway, we all remember and honor this day in our own way. And I remember this day through horrible, horrible mime*.

*No, I don’t.