Awful Recognize Awful

Yesterday, photos appeared on-line of Kathy Griffin dressed up as Kate Gosselin to give the world nightmares. TODAY THOSE NIGHTMARES MOVE!

Awful. Just awful. It’s actually getting to the point where I can’t look at Kathy Griffin anymore, and I stopped being able to listen to her long ago. Do you know that part in Dune when Kyle MacLachlan has to put his hand in the itch box and see how long he can hold it in there to determine whether or not he’s a Prince of Spice (or whatever, I’m not some nerd, I don’t know)? Watching Katy Griffin is like my itch box (insert TWSS-style Kathy Griffin itch-box joke here). The longer I can watch my itch box, the longer I have avoided taking something long and sharp and driving it through my eye into my brain cavity. Success!

Tsk tsk on you as well, George Takei. BEAM YOU SHAME, MR. SCOTT!