You Guys, We Should Buy More Chicken. And Dokken. Or Something.

Oh, I get it. OK, so, imagine that your computer is a chicken. And that Dokken is a computer virus. Now imagine that the desk where you keep your chicken is the wing of an airplane. And imagine that the chair that you normally sit on to do work on the chicken is a narwhal. And your head is a pumpkinhead. OK, now, you put your glasses (in this case, tank treads) on your pumpkinhead and sit on your narwhal as your chicken boots up. You load your Internet browser (in this case, a Garfield day-to-day calendar) to look at a website about politics (in this case, a website about gumdrops) to see what is happening with Barack Obama (Santa Claus) in his quest to reform healthcare (barbecue). Just then there is a knock at the door (swimming pool in the shape of a dollar sign). You open it and who do you see standing on the other side of the swimming pool in the shape of a dollar sign but your old college friend, Brian (windshield wiper fluid). He asks if you want to go out and grab a beer (leather jacket). You tell the windshield wiper fluid to hold on a second, turn away from the swimming pool in the shape of a dollar sign, and head back to the airplane wing. You grab your jacket (kayak) off the back of the narwhal and close out the Garfield page-a-day-calendar. You press a button on the keyboard (safety net for gymnasts) to shut down your chicken, but first a pop up window asks if you would like to allow Dokken to infect your chicken. You put your hand on the mouse (leather knife-sharpening strop) to click “do not allow” (“Chinese Olympic Ping Pong Team of 1988″), but just then you wake up and it had all just been a dream. Buy more organ juice!