You Could Star (But Please Don’t Star) In Entourage: Lower East Side

Woof. I read in Variety (I did not read in Variety) that the tentative title for this show was Your Show, until they figure out a better name for it, like Barf Town: Population Assholes. Seriously, everything about this looks like it was taken from a science textbook about Things That Are Objectively The Worst. From Craigslist:

Dominicans, hispanics, indie rockers, bartenders, and most of all Hipsters! Hipsters! (not to be confused with Hipsters With Tattoos, although there will be those as well) from the people who brought you Entourage? This show wins the award for Show That Most Makes Me Want to Shoot Myself in the Face Before It Has Even Been Filmed. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

“Elementary, Professor Watsons.”