That’s Your California Assemblyman: Michael Duvall

YIKES! Didn’t he learn the lessons of Naked Gun? I mean, I guess there is some difference between going into the bathroom with a live mic on and making hilariously long and outrageous bathroom sounds at a press conference about ensuring the Queen of England’s safety during her visit to Los Angeles and this, but STILL. It’s pretty similar! Besides, everyone at least goes to the bathroom, not everyone has illicit affairs with lobbyists to the specific committee on which you serve, in direct conflict with almost everything that you stand for politically.

“We had sex on Wednesday a lot.”
–Michael Duvall’s Tombstone

Actually, everyone involved with this piece is pretty much a Quote Factory. “Your audio tapes, sir, your very sexual audiotapes, any comment?” Very sexual audiotapes. I am sure I have a pulitzer around here somewhere, and when I find it, I’m going to PayPal it to that guy. (Via TheAwl.)