Behind The Music: Lil Wayne Is Going To Be Legendary

Here’s a preview clip of the episode, which airs this Thursday at 10PM.

Excuse me, Miss Katie, but I just have one question: um, what? Something something riff something something I was like something something show my fingers something something make anything sound good. No offense, but how is he not dead yet? Make no mistake: I hope that Lil Wayne lives to be 1,000,000 years old, the oldest man who ever lived, and he is placed on a hoverstool in a space museum and people line up to pay 1,000 moon dollars to go visit the eighth marvel of the world. But what I want and what are the reasonable medical prognostications for someone drinking that much codeine out of styrofoam cups are two different things. You know he turns 27 this month, right? You know about the 27 Club, right? Right this way, sir. That’s morbid. Let’s hope his membership is denied.

In any case, this obviously carries the Videogum DVR Seal of Approval. I could watch him mumble mouth nonsensically without normal pause breaks the phone book.