Going Down The Ricky Tic Rabbit Hole

Henry Darger was a janitor in Chicago for most of his life, and died poor and unknown in 1973 at the age of 81. After he died, in the small room that he rented, his life’s work was discovered: a 15,000 page fantasy novel describing a war between little girls and an army of soldiers, as well as numerous paintings depicting scenes from the novel. The paintings often feature tornadoes, and many of the little girls have penises because Henry Darger had, supposedly, never seen a naked woman and did not know that there was any anatomical difference. Posthumously, Henry Darger, who suffered from mental illness, duh, has become a figurehead for Outsider Art, and his paintings are shown all over the world.

It is still too early to determine who on YouTube will be the on-line video equivalent of Henry Darger, but Ricky Tic is certainly a promising candidate!

Ricky Tic is a YouTube self-chronicler, who is using the medium to make sure that his Dangerous Genius is dutifully recorded in the annals of history. He has self-illustrated and self-narrated a three part auto-biography:

He puts on bravura performances (because when you own a Nazi costume it is important to use a Nazi costume):

And he even does paintings! He will sing you the soundtrack!

He really should not be giving this stuff away for free. That’s no way to exploit serious medical problems* in order to make a splash in the art world! You have to lock it up under the stairs along with your collection of hair and bones, where the bad men will never find it. (Thanks for the tip, Cameron.)

*Seriously, though, someone might want to call him a doctor. For his brain.