Brief Interviews With Hideous Men Trailer Explains Some Things

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men trailer, you guys:

Well, there you go. One thing that is so interesting in David Foster Wallace’s original book are the completely decontextualized fragments of “interviews” with “hideous men.” They’re snapshot character portraits that are completely human but also bizarre and sometimes hilarious, and they’re embedded with his other stories of sex and despair in modern life (I should basically write all of the book descriptions). And one sort of wondered how John Krazinski was going to work that into his movie adaptation. And there you have it: make there be a lady who is interviewing them to find out What Men Want. Oh well. I suppose there is only so much formal experimentation and narrative-free exploration of the human condition that Hollywood will give you millions of dollars to “fool around with.” And I think we can all agree that Will Forte and Ben Shenkman look great in this. So, you know, fingers crossed.