Ugh, Soulja Boy iPhone App? Ugh, Soulja Boy iPhone App.

Oh finally, I am sick and tired of not being the one who decides when different parts of the mix come in and out (for drama). Why is this guy so bored of his own product? My favorite part is when he says “OK, this is starting to sound good,” when all it sounds like is a worse version than the original song. If “all of your friends will be impressed” by this, whoops, you need new friends! You also need a new iPhone. Because I accidentally threw yours in the garbage can. My bad.

P.S. Sachar asks, “Why do they keep making ways for teenagers to be so annoying on the subway?” Gabe responds: “Good question? No, GREAT question. Increasing the annoyance-efficiency of teenagers on the subway is a cottage industry at this point.”