Hollywood Better Not (But Of Course Will) Ruin Jerkin’: The Movie

The Hollywood Reporter hollywood reported this morning that a movie about jerkin’ is in development.

Melee Entertainment and indie film producer Shariff Hasan are developing a movie that will center on jerkin,’ the hip-hop dance trend that has been attracting a host of mainstream coverage.

Jerkin,’ which has landed coverage in L.A. Weekly and the Los Angeles Times, is a form of dancing that, like breakdancing and other performance art, originated in the streets. But unlike some other forms of street art, it’s underlied by a specific political ideology of providing a positive, anti-gang message in the inner city. The movement is marked by dancers wearing brightly colored, nonbaggy jeans and shirts, in marked contrast to conventional hip-hop wear.

Melee is the banner behind the Mos Def action comedy “Next Day Air,” which earned $10 million when Summit released it in May, and Screen Gems’ $40 million breakout “You Got Served.” It is prepping the thriller “Day One.”

On the one hand, OK! A movie about jerkin’ could be great. But it probably won’t be. I mean, if it was going to be like David LaChappelle’s crump vs. crunk documentary Rize, which I still think never got the attention it deserved, then it would be beautiful and great and we would all love it. But if it’s going to be a ham-fisted Save the Last Jerk cash-grab, then it’s going to stink, and that seems more likely.

But even more importantly, who needs Jerkin’: The Movie when there is already every video on The Power Ranger$ YouTube account? These guys are THE BEST THING EVER!

The Power Ranger$ are seriously having more fun than I have ever had in my life. I could watch these videos all day. And I might. Who would stop me? You? No. The Ranger$ should have their own TV network. The Ranger$ should be the Presidents of Entertainment, or at the very least the Mayors of Fun Town. It’s just good government. Step aside, Hollywood, YA BURNT.