Boondock Saints 2 Definitely Looks Twice As Bad As Boondock Saints 1

Boondock Saints 2 trailer, you guys:

Oh boy. The first one was so awful, Troy Duffy knew it was going to be tough to make something even worse. But he kept his head down and spent years ensuring that he wouldn’t let his fans down. By now they had come to expect terrible, terrible movies, and he wasn’t about to go back on that promise now. And he didn’t! This looks completely miserable. CLASSIC DUFFY. THE BONEDOCKS IZ BACK!

The good news is I finally have a reason to repost this:

I wish I could post that every day. Is there a way to give out all the Oscars retroactively?

Also these fun guys are your boyfriends:

I mean, whatever, we all like what we like, these guys just happen to like something very very terrible. In any case, it turns out that your boyfriend is actually the guy holding the camera who points it at the one dude’s crotch as he asks him if he had an orgasm. Yuck. Tell him to stop doing that.

(Thanks for the tip, Chad, CF, Lorin, Octavis, Ambar. Reaction video via FilmDrunk.)