This Is Worse Than 9/11

First of all, I am SORRY about this. But that’s the way it goes. Some mornings you wake up and it’s a video of a cat eating all the birthday cake, and some mornings you wake up and it’s this. That is life, jump into it. Anyway, a Brazilian advertising agency released a poster for the World Wildlife Fund earlier this week that swept the Internet. It featured a hundred planes pointed at the World Trade Center, and it was awful. I mean, I think we all support the cause of the World Wildlife Fund. Most of us. There might be a few who are like “I just hate wildlife, I think it is the way I was raised” (hating wildlife is taught in the home). But the rest of us are like “Yay! Wildlife!” But invoking 9/11 to protect wildlife? That seems odd. And by odd I mean horror-barf. That seems horror-barf.

Well that was just a poster. Now imagine that they made it into a video.


Wait, there’s more:


This is the worst!

I need an adult! I need an adult! The mean man hurt my face! Fuck you, Don Draper!