Best New Party Game 8

OK, this one is a little more complicated than a few of the more recent Best New Party Games, because the rules are kind of vague. But on the other hand, it’s a classic! And this is one that you could actually win. Anyway: simple enough, strings of overlapping movie titles. So, starting simple:

The Strangers On A Train (The Strangers + Strangers on a Train, duh)

or Scarface/Off

or There Will Be Blood Simple (you get it)

Those were all very short, very lazy examples. The longer the string the better. But this is where it gets tricky. Complicated intertwining nesting-doll overlaps are also allowed (in the rules of this game that I am making up as I go along). For example:

We Are Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Snakes on a Soul Plane


The Longest Whole Nine Yards

And from there it becomes a mess. The Longest Whole Nine And A Half Weeks Yards? I’m going to sit this one out, actually. But the longest string that actually makes sense wins. The prize for the winner is final, definitive confirmation that you are a nerd. GOOD LUCK!