Soleil Moon Frye Gives Her Fans What She Considers To Be “The Perfect Gift”

In celebration of her 1,000,000th Twitter follower, Soleil Moon Frye decided that she would do something “crazy,” and give fans “the perfect gift,” which is to dress up like Punky Brewster in a web video.

Really, Soleil, A GIFT CERTIFICATE WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE. I mean, maybe to you a painful reminder of how close everyone is getting to ACTUAL DEATH is a “perfect gift”, but personally I prefer books* and/or DVDs. Seriously, how old is everyone now? And why does Soleil Moon Frye have 1,000,000 Twitter followers? Remember when 1,000,000 Twitter followers used to mean something? And also, why do people often use the word “crazy” for things that are not crazy at all? Dippin’ Dots are crazy. Philip Garrido is crazy. A grown woman dressing up in the costume of a character she used to play in a silly on-line video for her superfans is not even remotely crazy. If it is anything it is surprising. That it didn’t happen sooner. (Via BuzzFeed.)

*Just kidding. Books are for nerds.