That’s Not A Trailer, This Is A Trailer

Extract promotional…thing, with Beavis and Butthead, you guys:

That’s how you do it. I hope everyone took notes. The best and easiest way to promote your movie is to simply create a hugely successful show, wait until that show has become a beloved relic of pop culture history (creating another beloved show in the meantime, and also swimming occasionally in your vault of gold coins), and then secretly bring it back to sell your new project. THAT’S A BINGO! Don’t get me wrong, Extract looks fine. Or whatever. But, it’s hard not to wonder what it must feel like for Mike Judge, realizing that his best work might very well be behind him if he has to rely on the work that is behind him to sell his new work, as he stands gazing out at the ever-shortening road towards death and irrelevance. Just kidding. Jenny Slate is going to be on SNL! It’s a video pizza party and everyone is invited!