Lindsay Lohan Is America’s #1 True Blood Superfan, Naturally

As you may have heard, True Blood’s ratings this season have been through the roof. Like, 20% increases from one week to the next? That is nuts. America is LOVIN’ IT. It kind of makes you wonder who’s watching this show, you know? Because if anything it is only getting stupider, and it was pretty stupid to begin with. Well, the answer is that people like Lindsay Lohan, whoever that is, are watching it. From Extra:

Millions tune-in to HBO on Sunday nights to watch this summer’s sexiest series “True Blood,” and Lindsay Lohan tells “Extra” she’s also a fan!

“Nobody can speak when True Blood is on,” LiLo tells “Extra’s” Mario Lopez. When Mario told Lindsay he’d never seen the vampire hit, Lindz was shocked! No worries, Mario plans to catch up via TiVo.

OH PHEW, MARIO PLANS TO CATCH UP VIA TIVO. Finally, a good night’s sleep for all of us. Can you imagine a True Blood viewing party at Lindsay Lohan’s house? What a living nightmare. Just so much low-grade cocaine and shushing. (Low-Grade Cocaine And Shushing is the name of my next album.) And then after the show everyone has to wait around until Lindsay falls asleep to make sure that vampires don’t come in and kill her. You know. Because she’s retarded.