Exclusive First Look At MTV’s New Teen Wolf

MTV confirmed yesterday that they were moving ahead with their announced Teen Wolf remake TV series. Oh, great news! I’m going to crush a beer can on my forehead in celebration in the hopes that the blunt force trauma will kill me. From Reuters:

“It has a fresh take and is very different from the original,” said Liz Gateley, senior vp MTV series development. “It has more of an ‘American Werewolf in Paris’ feel to it. It’s a dramatic thriller with two best friends in the center who provide a great comedy element: They are two very relatable characters on the outer circles of popular cliques.”

A dramatic comedy thriller about werewolf basketball. Purrrfect. This guy is almost TOO excited.

But so far, we haven’t gotten a chance to see what the new Teen Wolf, 2009’s Teen Wolf, will look like. UNTIL NOW!

Cooooooool. Apparently the only thing the new Teen Wolf keeps on his Zune is “I Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, which is perfect for surfing on top of Stiles’s Wolfmobile (a Mini-Cooper). And that’s fresh.