One Begins To Get The Sense That Padma Lakshmi Will Do Anything

After the jump, a new music video from Eels for the song “That Look You Give That Guy,” starring Padma Lakshmi. The video is fine: a subdued black and white thing about a dinner date, and also there is a pup in it. We love pups! And the song itself is pretty nice, too. Good work, everyone (everyone = Eels). But, is it i just me, or do you kind of get the feeling that Padma Lakshmi doesn’t say “no” a lot? Hardee’s spokesperson? Yes please. A supporting role in Glitter? Sure, why not! Naked except for high heels on a bearskin rug photoshoot? Uh, duh, of course. What is she going to do, NOT take a picture naked except for high heels on a bearskin rug? You’re being weird about this.

It’s not a big deal. Padma is very pretty on the eyes. She has a good eye-feel. And everyone has to put food on their family. But someone should tell her that she doesn’t have to do EVERYTHING. Nothing reduces goodwill into a sauce of displeasure on a carpaccio of mild annoyance like media over-saturation. Get it? Cooking stuff. It was either that or a terrible pun-filled metaphor about how Padma is an alcoholic who is constantly drunk.

Anyway, Eels, you guys:

Padma Lakshmi, please pack your knives and GO WITH ME TO OUR WEDDING*. (Via Spinner.)

*Probably the most important test of my theory.