Kid, From Kid N’ Play, Dresses Like A Big Boy Now

Oh man. It is sad when he says “I know you’re wondering what is Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid is doing in a fine suit and tie,” because prior to him saying that I wasn’t wondering at all. I fully expect someone in his mid-40s to occasionally, if not regularly, wear a fine suit and tie. Even if that person built his career on dressing in Cross Colours, I would not be, like weirded out to discover that sometimes he doesn’t wear Clown Shorts From 1992. He’s an adult now. So him saying that he knows I’m wondering is what actually MAKES me wonder. What is he doing in that fine suit and tie? Did he steal it from someone who is still famous? Perhaps he is wearing it to a job interview? Or to take his real estate broker’s licensing exam? OR MAYBE HIS HOMEBOY GOT SHOT, BECAUSE THAT IS A TYPE OF JOKE THAT WE STILL MAKE AND THINK WORKS IN 2009. Sadface. (Thanks for the tip, Sammy.)