Norm MacDonald’s Reign As “Best Late Night Guest” Remains Unbroken

At some point in the future, inevitably, Norm MacDonald’s long-running reign as “Best Late Night Guest” will end. Not only will he be replaced by someone more widely considered to be the “Best Late Night Guest,” (a guy named Johnny Future, probably), but he will, as all things do, fade even more deeply into obscurity. If he comes up in conversation over a slice of space-pie (served with astronaut ice cream), our great-great-great-great-grandchildren will pick their bored heads up off the hover-table and say “who was Norb McDonald’s?” and we will have to explain that he was a comedian who somehow managed to turn incredibly obtuse, sophisticated-hammy, and self-indulgent strings of jokes into late night gold. “What’s late night gold?” they will ask, sipping on some robo-cola. “Well,” we will be forced to explain, “late night was a particular subset of a television programming that involved comedy sketches, and interviews with celebrities, and musical performances.” They will look at us blankly, because they don’t even feel like answering the next, most obvious question: “what is television programming,” and they will chalk it up to our old brains deteriorating within the titanium exo-skeleton that is keeping us alive.

But that’s not for awhile. Norm MacDonald’s remains the Best Late Night Guest. For now. And besides, the world will be covered in water by then anyway (2012). He was on Conan again last night. After the jump.

Part One:

Part Two:

Ha! The king! Obviously, Steve Zahn is also the Best Late Night Guest. Relax. We should all be better at SHARING.