Duh Aficionado Magazine: Glenn Beck Is An Idiot

Like, duh. He is not a very smart person. Them is just FACTS. Oh, he has some strengths. Like, he’s very good at making sure that words are constantly coming out of his mouth. Some of those words even come together Terminator 2 liquid metal-style to form complete sentences. But they don’t necessarily make sense. And they certainly aren’t very intelligent. It’s funny because this is the cover story of Duh Aficionado Magazine AND Old News Magazine this month. Their slogan is “We Refuse To Tell You Something That You Don’t Know.” It’s a terrible magazine, you should unsubscribe.

But the point is that while all of this is well-worn territory, this clip from Glenn Beck’s show last week (I must have missed it while I was busy drafting my letter of resignation) is particularly stunning. What a dummy:


If you’re going to go to the trouble of preparing a chalkboard in advance, you should prepare that chalkboard correctly! But what delicious tension in this clip! He keeps insisting that there is a letter missing and you’re like “fair enough, Glenn Beck, accidents happen, you’re probably so mad at the production assistant who has made you look bad on live television,” and then a minute later you’re like, OH, no, you’re a fucking moron. Classic.(Thanks for the tip, Daniel.)