Fantastic Mysteries: Why Do People Care About This Broom?

Oh wow. A plastic broom from the dollar store with a flat-edged bottom that stands up straight in a few different places in a room with uneven wood floors? THERE IS ANOTHER WORLD BEHIND THIS WORLD THAT WE CAN’T SEE. Unbelievable. Hundreds of people came to see the magic broom, and the woman who owns the magic broom believes that she can build an entire business around it, and the local news filed a serious report about it as if it was a thing. No offense if you live there, but that is a dumb town. Brawndo definitely has the electrolytes that their bodies crave. Easily my favorite part, though, is when you find out that if you knock the broom to the floor, you can pick it up yourself and make it stand up again. Shivers down my spine, for sure. Who else seen the leprechaun say YEAAAAH! (Thanks for the tip, Sean.)