Let’s Paint, Exercise, And Make Raps On Our Desks

Look at this guy! Lyric, AKA the Lyrical God. He’s like the anti-Soulja Boy (for now). Killing it.

We can do it all, you guys. Even if we fail, at least we will have tried. This kid is great. We should all try harder to be great, you guys.

Not that the YouTube Ghouls see it that way. Seriously, I am sick and tired of these YouTube Ghouls. They are making the rest of us look bad, and by the rest of us I mean all of humanity. Is this really the world that we want to live in? I hope Steve Carrell finishes building his arc soon so that God can flush this place down the toilet that it has become (huh?). I mean, it’s one thing to not like something. I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of not liking things. But surely there is room for all of us. Look at this guy, working so hard to ruin everything:

Ugh. Someone took the time to write that to a total stranger. In regards to a video made by another stranger. I guess it’s easier than just not saying anything at all? (It is not easier than just not saying anything at all.) And the worst part is that there is absolutely nothing surprising about it. Well, I suppose it’s mildly surprising that he didn’t call anyone a “gay retard.” Baby steps towards a more civil society? I am really discouraged by this. I’d demand that we shut it all down, but I don’t even have the energy. Even the rebuttals are draining:

Woof. I guess shut ur [double-sic] little13 year old mouth up fool is effective.

We can do better guys. More raps on desks. Less goblins on Internets.

(Via TheAwl.)