The Men Who Stare At Goats Should Have Been A Documentary

The Men Who Stare at Goats trailer, you guys:

On the one hand, I’m glad that they turned Jon Ronson’s book into a movie, because Jon Ronson’s book was great, and Jon Ronson is great, and it’s great when great things happen to great people. On the other hand, they should have just made this a documentary. Jon Ronson is actually very personable and entertaining. He could have carried the movie. Instead of Ewan McGregor and his Nowhere Man Voice. What is that accent? He’s like an alien whose transcoder only has one setting. “Just talking normal like a human being from the city of Earth. Nothing weird about the way I am talking, no way.” Also, if it had been a documentary, then the very weird and hilarious details from the book, which are real, would have been super weird and super hilarious because of how when things are real then there is no willful suspension of disbelief, there is just belief and disbelief mixed together, because that is life, jump into life. Instead, it has a semi-generic, strangely common-place military farce feel to it (has anyone else noticed how common-place military farces have become? It’s a real catch-22).

But, you know, wish they had made it into a documentary in one hand, and buy your ticket to the movie they did make with the other hand, and see which one is in a bucket of popcorn first, as the old saying goes.