Looking Good In Your Bad Idea Jeans, Gurrrl

Remember Winkers? Those weird jeans with eyes not exactly on the butt, but just under the butt (i.e. right where you want them), that kind of wink at people when the wearer’s butt meets the back of their thighs? Well, you might have thought that everyone was joking and LOL’ing when that video went around last week, but actually they were ordering them. To wear! On their bodies! From the Associated Press:

EVERETT, Wash. — Everett artist William Jones has hit it big with his latest creation called “winkers.”

They are jeans with eyes painted just below the butt so the motion of walking makes it appear as if the jeans are winking — when viewed from behind.

In less than a week since video of the painted pants went viral on the Internet, the Winkers Design Web site has received a quarter-million hits.

Jones says he’s swamped with orders. So far the 73-year-old has been making each pair of Winkers by hand.

Aw! A classic American success story*!

“High five, William Jones.”
–Horatio Alger

So, how many pairs did your mom order, anyway? It must have been a lot! (Thanks for the tip, Spencer.)

*Seriously. That is great for this guy!