Heaven Just Got A Little More Ted Kennedy

As you know by now (and if you don’t know by now, you should get better at knowing things), Senator Ted Kennedy died last night. Obviously, I can’t effectively or meaningfully eulogize him, and the world does not need me to. You can find tons of informative, meaningful, and touching tributes to him all over the place. And you should. I will just say that in a government of mostly middle-of-the-road monsters, he seemed to be someone who worked hard for the things that he believed in, and that what he believed in tended to be helping other people.

And this video of Robert Byrd being shockingly (but also kind of wonderfully) emotionally raw on the Senate floor, which is actually a year old, and is him reacting to the news of Kennedy’s diagnosis of brain cancer, broke my metal heart:


Goodbye, Ted Kennedy. You will be missed. You’re in heaven now, providing important, effective, lasting, and often bi-partisan governance to the angels. (Video via ThinkProgress.)