Videogum’s Teen Korner: MTV VMA Promo In Your Pants

Marithe Francois Girbaud!

Word up to your momma, cool dudes who recognize that men being concerned with their personal image is no longer frowned upon, and chill ladies who aren’t afraid to just be themselves! You know what is coming up? The MTV Video Music Awards are coming up! Crystal Pepsi! You’ve probably already blogged about it. “Yo Livejournal, the MTV Video Music Awards are coming up, lip gloss, safe sex. And that’s fresh.” That is your blog, probably. Sick! Anyway, just because MTV doesn’t even show music videos anymore and is mostly a repository for generic reality television geared towards the youth market and the youth market’s vast resources of disposable income, doesn’t mean that we can’t give Fall Out Boy some statues they don’t care about! Record scratch!

And Russell Brand is hosting again! Uh, hello, McFly, Russell Brand from that movie he was in? He’s from England, which is a country that we kicked their ass one time (but peace is really cool, too, namaste). Anyway, in order to promote this year’s event, Russell Brand made a promo with Britney Spears (total MILF!), because last year they made a promo together, and everyone knows that thematic continuity and call-backs are DA BOMBZ). And one thing is for sure: these two gold medal dream teams (?) are definitely not “Toxic.” Ch-ch-ch-check it ouzout!

Hey, that was fucking terrible! Is that what you kids are into these days? Things that are terrible? Well then it looks like MTV is going to give you a lot of what you want. Bodacious.

The MTV Wack Attack airs Sunday, September 13.