Breaking Important News Story: One Guy Looks Like Another Guy

The journalist who broke this story ran into the bullpen, shirttails untucked, covered in flopsweat and screamed “STOP THE PRESSES,” and then he turned to a young copywriter and breathlessly said “I have always wanted to say that but I’ve never had a reason to. Until now.” From 3 News in New Zealand:

Red Hot Chili Peppers rocker Chad Smith looks so much like actor Will Ferrell he’s constantly stopped in the street and mistaken for the film funnyman.

The drummer insists he’s often asked to sign autographs as Ferrell, and he’s so determined to claim back his own identity he has started wearing T-shirts that read ‘I’m not Will Ferrell’.

Smith tells, “People come up to me in airports and they’re asking for my autograph, not because I’m the drummer for the Chili Peppers – they really think I’m Will Ferrell.

“And I’m nice to these people. (I say) ‘No, I’m not.’ But they’re like, ‘I loved you in Old School. You’re so funny.'”

He’s nice to these people. He doesn’t punch them in the face at all. And it’s true, he does look like Will Ferrell. This story has legs (journalism!) because I bet he is going to keep looking like him. I heard that New Zealand basically shut down when this story was published. People came out of their homes and offices, shopkeepers locked their doors. Sometimes you just need to be around other human beings, you know? Because of shock? (Thanks for the tip, Octavis.)