First Look At Robin Williams In His Susan Boyle Costume

It’s being reported this morning that Robin Williams has been approached to play Susan Boyle in a movie. Smart. From the New York Post:

ROBIN Williams might dig up his “Mrs. Doubtfire” drag and play Susan Boyle in a movie about the Scottish spinster who became a sensation on “Britain’s Got Talent.” “I’ve been asked if I want to play Susan in the movie,” Williams told Britain’s Telegraph. “I think she’s incredible.” In 1993’s “Mrs. Doubtfire,” Williams played a divorced dad who loses custody of his kids and disguises himself as a Scottish housekeeper so he can see them again. He’s been doing impressions of Boyle and singing “I Dreamed a Dream” in a thick Scottish accent to his friends.

Oh, I bet his friends love that. I bet his friends are like “do that manic, aggressive, incredibly needy impersonation of a loud, boisterous woman again, Robin Williams! We love it when you regale us with your exhausting desire for approval!” Anyway, after the jump, a first look at Robin Williams in his Susan Boyle costume:

Get it? Like how his face? Already? No costume necessary? This website? Carpe dentum.