Inception Or The Vanilla Minority Matrix Sky Report Revolutions Of Dark City

Inception teaser trailer, you guys:

“Whoa, I know Kung Fu.”
–Leonardo DiCaprio

Clearly, there is no spoon, you guys. But also this trailer doesn’t really say much about what happens in the movie. It’s a crime that takes place within the architecture of the mind? OK. I do like that ‘architecture of the mind’ turns out to literally mean architecture. Like buildings. “The crime is in the skyscrapers of your mind.” Sure. But if they’re not going to tell us what this movie is about, we are going to have to make it up. I love making it up! SO, Inception is about a man named Brian (get it? SPOOKY ANAGRAMS!) who is a special agent for the CIA’s Mind Crimes Division who has to go deeper into his own mind than he ever tried before, via Mind Helicopter, to investigate the murder of a Mind Hotel Concierge. But then he wakes up and it had all just been a Dream Crime.