This Is Your Father’s Youth In Revolt

Youth in Revolt trailer, you guys:

When it comes to the timing of Youth in Revolt, things have worked out pretty well for me. I read the book about a year after it came out (I am a registered Malcolm-Jamal Warner Show Off), and I read the book in high school*, which is the perfect time in one’s life to read it. So, in the interest of golden-hued nostalgia alone, I will see this movie, even though I no longer hum at the thrill of teenage insubordination, and also I’m pretty sure Michael Cera is successful enough now that he should own more than one striped shirt and one wind-breaker. Seriously, guy, change it up. Nostalgia aside, the timing of the Youth in Revolt movie isn’t really working out as well for me, seeing as the movie is coming out about 15 years after I cared, but in some ways it’s working out better for everyone, because a Youth in Revolt movie in 1994 would have starred David Spade as Nick Twisp and Sheeni would have been CGI. No matter what, this is better.

*There may be some confusion on this point. Obviously, my family was too poor to send me to high school when I was an adolescent, and I worked the sulfur mines with my siblings. It was not until much later that I was able to return to my education, and received my high school diploma, funnily enough, on my 45th birthday.