Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

These truly are the dog days of summer. It’s so hot and muggy outside (at least in New York, I do not know what things are like where you are, perhaps it is temperate and you have no complaints). Should I talk about the weather some more? That’s pretty interesting, right? But as if the sticky gross weather wasn’t bad enough, it’s also just slow. Nothing is going on. Is everyone tubing down a lazy river somewhere? Where is everybody? Should I talk about how slow it is more? These are all such great topics of conversation. Traffic? You want to talk about traffic? How about lettuce? What kind of lettuce is your guys’s favorite? Personally I like a spring mix, but Boston lettuce is also good. Like on a sandwich? Crisp and clean. #lettucetalk. I’m especially fun at parties!

Nevertheless, you guys still commented up a storm this week. Hundreds and hundreds of comments. Good work, everyone. Here are some of them:

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments


This should make forgetting Sarah Marshall a little easier.

Posted by: jimjbollocks in response to This Is Your Movie Trailer: When In Rome
Score = 36


I can’t get behind a health care bill that doesn’t cover my analrapist.

Posted by: That One in response to There’s Always Affordable Health Insurance In The Banana Stand
Score = 39


You should be more worried about looking like a douche twice.

Posted by: sen_tankerbell in response to Let’s Be Friends With Barney Frank, You Guys)
Score = 39


She made the mistake of going full-tardy.

Posted by: The Handshake in response to Real Housewife Of Atlanta Kim Zolciak’s First Single Is The Bomb (Destroying Your Ears)
Score = 40


What you don’t understand is that he’s a homosexual baby, so he’s predisposed to hyper-violence. It called comedy, moron.

Posted by: Godsauce in response to Seth MacFarlane Clearly Hopes To Win An Emmy For Being The Worst
Score = 55

[Ed. note: you may have noticed that the #3 and #4 comments of the week are tied. This race is getting tight! You’re all winners! And this comment from Detroit Dutchgirl has been rising steadily and probably should have tied for #2 but didn’t get the recognition it deserved this week due to the finicky nature of Videogum’s Patented Professional Blogging Software for Tabulating Official Votes. Sorry, Detroit Dutchgirl. This small shout-out is inadequate consolation, I’m sure, at the Monsters’ Ball: the world’s most important and meaningful thing.]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

Not trying to draw down the shitstorm that’s sure to follow, but what evidence at all do you have for your claim that any of the protestors are paid by lobbyists to be there (at least the ones that are there protesting the health care bill – there’s plenty of evidence that ACORN, SEIU, etc pay pro-Obama/healthcare bill folks to be there…)?

And your statement that “as soon as some of the people in your protest club (Protest Club!) are paid to be there, the whole thing basically falls apart, no?” Does that mean that every single anti-Bush rally, every anti-war rally, all the protests where ANSWER and their cohorts bussed in paid professional protestors, all of these were meaningless? And every time that a union or ACORN pays people to show up at a rally, all of these are equally worthless, yes?

Posted by: jake in response to Let’s Be Friends With Barney Frank, You Guys
Score = -31

[Ed. note: jake, you should register an Official Videogum Commenter Profile! Why not? Your comment was the lowest rated comment this week, yes, but just like the winners, the race to the bottom this week was equally close so don’t feel too bad. And obviously, your willingness to speak your mind in an environment that you suspected (rightly, it turns out) to be inhospitable is something to be admired and applauded, not downvoted. Nevertheless, here we are. Personally, I am pro-labor and I also think that the ACORN thing is a worn-out chestnut pulled out by the right to confuse and antagonize people. But I take your point, I really do. It is something I need to think about some more. In my mind, people who work for little pay to help an outreach organization attempting to provide affordable housing and low-cost health benefits to poor people are different than people who are paid a lot of money by a pharmaceutical company to protect its profits. But morally you are right that paying someone to support your cause is paying someone to support your cause. And I also think that, again, on a very basic, fundamental level, there is a huge difference between protesting the war in Iraq and American foreign policy for what are clear and well-documented problems and concerns, and the spread of ludicrous disinformation that has taken place in the GOP over the health care debate including death panels and Obama equaling Hitler. They’re not the same thing. They just aren’t. But again, thank you for your input!]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

One doesn’t just battle-dance their way into Mordor…

Posted by: Lemonne in response to Welcome To Boogie Town, Population: Huh?

[Ed. note: I was surprised more people didn’t comment on the Boogie Town trailer. That trailer is amazing! You guys slept on that thing. Unfortunately, I can’t put you in jail because the jails are full with people who have been caught battle-dancing. And as far as this comment is concerned: that is just sage advice.]