Fantastic Mysteries: Does The KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich Even Exist?

The Internet is going crazy today over the new KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich, which features two pieces of bacon and two pieces of cheese “sandwiched” between two pieces of fried chicken. That is a ridiculous “sandwich.” It’s a real catch-22. Someone should start a Tumblr about horrible food creations that might make someone who ate them fat. But, I have just one question: does this thing even exist?

It’s not like it’s hard to believe. It is far too easy to believe. But there is no mention of it on KFC’s website. And have you seen the YouTube of the purported ad that everyone is posting? This is sub-par Yeti footage. The abominable snowman is like “do you have anything else that might substantiate your claim?”. Look at this thing:

I don’t know. It looks real enough, but has anyone actually seen this ad? Has anyone actually TASTED a KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich? These guys know what I’m talking about: