Your Guide To Celebrating Avatar Day

Today, in IMAX theaters around the country, audiences who have reserved tickets on-line will finally be able to see 16 minutes of James Cameron’s Avatar in the anamorphic-3D format for which it was intended. The movie, years in the making, is highly-anticipated both by fans of James Cameron, as well those excited for the movie’s revolutionary visual technology (Cameron developed entirely new cameras to make the film), and when tickets were originally made available on-line, servers crashed, such was the anticipation. So, here is your guide to celebrating this special day:

  • Don’t go to see 16 minutes of Avatar on IMAX. If you want to see the movie, that’s fine, see the movie when it comes out, but don’t be a nerd
  • Go outside! It’s nice outside!
  • Have a nice, cold beverage. Yum!
  • Call someone that you care about and talk about things that are meaningful to you
  • Eat a healthy meal, not an entire pizza, and if you do eat pizza, eat a reasonable amount of pizza. You know what that is
  • Have a contest with your friends to see who can draw an alien that looks like Jar Jar Binks fucked a World of Warcraft character THE LEAST
  • Read a book. Just kidding. But you know what I mean.
  • Make a list of your priorities, and see if they’re in the right order. Is taking time off of work to go see 16 minutes of a movie that looks like deleted scenes from a videogame at or near the top of the list? They are not in the right order then!
  • Get a coffee or a snack and rewrite your list

You know what I call Avatar Day? A really pleasant normal day!