Fingers Crossed For Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story trailer, you guys:


Well, at the very least, this trailer is much better than the last trailer, right? For one thing, the movie has a name now, which is really useful when advertising a movie, and also (BONUS!) makes you seem like less of a self-involved narcissistic nightmare who is selling a movie on his involvement alone in some kind of distracting cult-of-personality which definitely undermines any serious political point you might have been trying to make. It is also just in general a much less coy trailer. And of course Paper Planes! 2007!

The thing is, I am hopeful for this movie for one reason: I do not understand the financial crisis. Is that embarrassing for me? Maybe. I’ve tried to understand it. It’s confusing! I’m still working on it. The financial page of the New Yorker is sometimes helpful (that’s right, NEW YORKER!) but this thing is so complicated (doy-oy-oy) and far-reaching, and I still don’t really know what a credit default swap is.

The danger, of course, is that Michael Moore is going to spend very little time explaining what is actually going on in this strange world, and a lot more time doing what Michael Moore does (“let’s get an ice cream truck and drive through the Chicago Stock Exchange”), which can certainly be entertaining (and annoying), but definitely makes a muddle of what he is trying to say. And if I’m not even clear on the specifics of the issue that provides the backdrop for the point that he is now muddling, then I will not get anything out of this.

So, as with most movies on which we must base all of our pre-judgments on a short, carefully selected collection of clips, it is still very much up in the air!