The Avatar Trailer Has Not Changed My Life

Avatar trailer, you guys:

Well. There you go. After months of nerd heat and virginal excitement. Our first glimpse at James Cameron’s first movie since Titanic*, the one that is supposed to staple our minds to the ceiling. Now, admittedly, the trailer is just a tiny screen on our computer monitors, and not the all-encompassing, visual field obliterating, revolutionary magic 3D showcase that the final product is supposed to be. But, um, so far so shrug? Shouldn’t 3D movies, even technologically revolutionary 3D movies, simply enhance the experience of regular movies? Should the regular movie without the 3D seem so unexciting? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard really great things about World of Warcraft. It sounds like a lot of fun. People seem to really enjoy it.

Obviously, I will see this. You will see this. Your mom will see this. She will call you and say “your father and I are going to see the Aviator.” It will be six weeks after the movie came out when you get that call. But for now I remain non-plussed. NON-PLUSSED!

(HD version here.)

*Titanic was a terrible movie. Has everyone forgotten that? It’s awful. Why are people so excited for his first movie since his last terrible movie? I mean, he has made some good movies. If you were like “this is Cameron’s first good movie since Terminator 2,” I would be like, “OK.” But his first movie since Titanic is like “oh, you mean my enjoyable 12 year break from having to watch a terrible thing is finally over?”