The Saw VI Poster, Like The Saw Franchise, Is Stupid

What? This doesn’t even make sense anymore. When Saw II came out and the poster featured two severed fingers standing up on their stumps, that was a grotesque display of well-Photoshopped body parts that made sense. The number 2. Any idiot could see that. We all recognize the number 2 when we see it, even when it is gross, that’s the one percent of DNA that separates us from chimpanzees. But this? There is definitely something wrong with Esther.

For one thing: what is that tagline? “Trust in him”? Trust in who, Jigsaw? This is the sixth movie. We know not to trust in him. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us six times (so far), UGH ON ALL OF US. Trust in him. Trust in THIS. And if you were going to have a strange, indecipherable tag line, perhaps you could include a visual to help us make sense of it?


I know that movies in general and the Saw movies in particular are make-believe, and that you have to willfully suspend (from meathooks?) your disbelief, or whatever, but you can’t have human hand boxing gloves like that. No, I’m not a doctor, sometimes you just learn some things about the human body as you go. You could have sticky, floppy, loosey goosey human hand boxing gloves MAYBE. But they would not be thick and powerful just like human hands. They would be ladylike and disgusting. Also why are they boxing gloves? Forget it, I don’t want to know. There’s a reason I don’t watch these movies.

The Saw VII poster is going to be seven butts on a tray and it’s going to say “Your butt, sir.” Probably!

(Click through to enlarge, if you must.)