Let’s Be Friends With Barney Frank, You Guys

At one of these health care reform town hall meetings, whatever those are, congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) went “toe-to-toe” (CNN) with some protesters, and “[took] on [the] rowdy town hall” (CBS).

SIDENOTE: Does anyone actually understand what is going on with all of this stuff? Like, some of the protesters at these town halls are paid by lobbyists? Lots of them? Or at least just enough to make the whole thing seem suspect? I’m not saying that there should not be any protesters, it’s not like I am even clear on the specifics of the health care bill (although I do think that people should just have health care, for as naive as that statement might make me sound, and I also think that health care as it stands today is egregiously expensive [superduh] due to the political power of the insurance and big-pharma companies) maybe it is very protestable, but I think even a lot of the protesters would agree that as soon as some of the people in your protest club (Protest Club!) are paid to be there, the whole thing basically falls apart, no? And now they are drawing Hitler moustaches on pictures of Obama? That seems more than a little ridiculous.

ANYWAY, at a Town Hall Meeting yesterday, congressman Barney Frank was not afraid to fight back:

Ha! It is just nice when someone who is being completely ridiculous (and let us be clear: that girl was being completely ridiculous) is told “hey, you are ridiculous!” Barney Frank, you guys. I wish he was my congressman. Also, why does that girl look kind of normal? “Let’s see, boho top from Delia’s: check. Fun sunglasses from Urban Outfitters: check. PHOTOGRAPH OF BARACK OBAMA WITH A HITLER MOUSTACHE DRAWN ON IT: SUPERCHECK.” She is your girlfriend. You guys met at a Fleet Foxes show.

Here a couple of other choice Barney Frank quotes that didn’t make it into this video (via CBS):

When a man accused Frank of keeping secrets about the healthcare plan, the openly gay congressman said, “Sir, it’s been 21 years since I had a secret.”

Good one Barney Frank, high five! To be fair, Frank is playing the Gay Card a little heavily there. Really shooting the moon with the Gay Card on that one. But whatever, dude gets enough shit today, still, in 2009, that he can play that card in response to the clowns if he wants to. “I call your bluff, clowns.” Also:

At one point, Frank asked the crowd: “Which one of you wants to yell next?”

He seems like fun! We should be friends with him, why not? How hard could it be?! Is he on Facebook? He’s gotta be on Facebook. Your mom is on Facebook. Somebody send him a Facebook message.

Dear Barney Frank,



Done. Barney Frank will be like, “Thx 4 the add.” (Thanks for the tip, Becca.)