Seth MacFarlane Clearly Hopes To Win An Emmy For Being The Worst

This is becoming a joke, is what this is becoming. In his relentless campaign for an Emmy, Seth MacFarlane has constantly compared Family Guy to the historic nomination and victory of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. He has said in reference to his campaign for a nomination things like “the thinking behind it was somewhat allegorical to Obama,” and after being nominated, “I doubt we would win. Although, I thought we were further away from Obama [winning] than we are, and that was a nice surprise. So, who knows?” Terrible, unbelievable things to say. Well, he has taken a short break from comparing Family Guy to Barack Obama in order to make equally miserable (and racially insensitive) videos on YouTube for his new “Where’sMyEmmy” channel (cool name, shithead).

Seriously, this is the worst:

We’re gonna need a bigger YUCK. Nothing says “I deserve an Emmy” like begging for one, shamelessly criticizing the competition* (like a gentleman), using horrifying (even as a cartoon!) hyper-violence as a “joke,” and ending with some really weird and lazily tossed off racism. On the other hand, i would happily give Seth MacFarlane all of the Emmys if it would make him shut the fuck up. Can that be the deal? Because I don’t actually care about the Emmys, nor do I think they are an award filled with integrity and meaning. Let us finally use them for good instead of boring. (Via Vulture.)

*The “funny” thing is, I agree that the conceit of The Office doesn’t make sense anymore. Because it doesn’t. But it’s also OBVIOUSLY still funny and well written. Give me a break. Unlike another show that is up for the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy this year cough cough. And I like that this video makes fun of The Office for repeating a joke. Right. THIS IS LIKE THE HORRIBLE POT CALLING THE KETTLE FAMILY GUY.

UPDATE: You have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!