David Cross And Jon Stewart Giggle It Up In Giggle Town

David Cross was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night to promote his new book, I Drink for a Reason. What a success story that guy is, am I right? He has really gone from cult comedian to legitimate entertainment star. Although, what is interesting about him (I think? I don’t know, maybe it is not interesting at all) is that he seems to have held onto the things that made him popular with the small group of superfans who were there from the beginning. There he still is, somewhere behind all of that money and mainstream popularity, being outraged and provocative (you will see. When you get older you just use words like “provocative” as if they mean something and should be taken seriously). But you don’t get to see that David Cross very often anymore. Usually, these days, it’s more of the Alvin and the Chipmunks and Year One David Cross, which is a totally respectable David Cross just trying to put food on his family. No shame in that. But it’s nice to see the old David Cross every once in awhile.

Oh look, here he is: