Fantastic Mysteries: What Is The Secret White Chicks 2 Tagline?

Oh perfect, a White Chicks sequel. America gets what America wants. Nobody puts America in the corner. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The Wayans Brothers and Sony are developing a sequel to the 2004 comedy “White Chicks,” which will see Marlon and Shawn Wayans reprise their roles as sibling FBI agents posing as a pair of white ladies.

Keenen Ivory Wayans is on board to direct the sequel, which all three Wayans are writing and producing. The logline for the new entry is being kept under wraps.

Haha, right. Got 2 keep that logline under wraps. Because if there is one thing that will ensure that this movie is not hot eye poison up in your eyes, it’s going to be the half-clever thing they put after the colon. I AM ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT WONDERING WHAT THE TOP SECRET WHITE CHICKS 2 LOGLINE IS GOING TO BE!

Here are some guesses:

  • America Has Gone Full Retard
  • 2wice As Bad As The First 1ne
  • Once You Go White You Never Go UGH
  • Where Are My Suicide Bullets? Has Anyone Seen My Suicide Bullets?
  • Armed & Fabulous

We have made a terrible mistake! (Thanks for the tip, Nora.)