Here Is A Picture Of Charlize Theron Walking Around With A Bag Of Shit In Her Hand

I mean, whatever. She is walking her dogs on the beach. It would horrible if she didn’t have a bag of shit in her hand. Just another celebrity who thinks the whole world is their pets’ toilet (that is one of the biggest problems with celebrities. Probably). It makes sense and is appropriate and not weird at all that she is walking around with a bag of shit in her hand, and my point is that if anything it’s respectful and respectable. But, also, we live in a really weird world, where people are photographed carrying bags of shit in their hands from hundreds of yards away by sneaky men (and sneaky women), and those photos are posted on the Internet, and strangers comment on the photos (there are multiple photos of this, the bag is prominently featured in each one) and talk about the photo, all because one time the woman who is carrying the bag of shit in the photo was in Reindeer Games with Ben Affleck. I’m not saying that you guys didn’t know we live in a weird world, or that you weren’t just as aware as I am that celebrity culture has gotten out of control and presents us with some very bizarre questions about our own senses of self-worth, and how we find pleasure and value in this world, and just what exactly it is that draws people to photographs of other people with bags of shit in their hand. I’m not trying to take you to Celebrity Culture Is Weird and Stupid School. We’re all graduates. But this photo was, at least, a remedial lesson. With honors. (Via ONTD.)