This Is Your Movie Trailer: When In Rome

When In Rome trailer, you guys:


Nothing says “we have it all under control and know what we are doing” like a movie trailer that has an extended voice over explanation outlining every single detail of the seemingly simple enough, super stupid plot. Nothing says “there is absolutely no way that we are banking on a borderline mentally retarded audience who probably needed a pencil and paper just to keep up with what’s going on this idiotic trailer to go see this movie that will otherwise offend and depress any normal human being with half of a brain who went to see it, don’t be ridiculous” like this trailer. Everything is just really well done and clever and great. And it has Dax Shepard? I WANT TO GO TO THERE. I don’t want to go to there. They didn’t include this in the trailer, but there has to be a lesbian joke in this movie, too, right? The coins that she steals can’t all be from men. “Whoops, but we’re both ladies, how would that even work? Hahah, yuck!” You know what? This movie probably DOESN’T have a lesbian joke in it. It’s too stupid to even make the obvious horribly stupid joke. “Did you put a joke in the movie where one of the magical accursed wish coins was thrown into the fountain by a woman, which seems like a pretty high statistical probability and also like an easy, cheap way to make a joke about gay people that would fit right in with this low rent piece of shit?” “Uh, no we did not. You must be thinking of one of those arty New York Woody Allen films.”