Finally, A Gwyneth Paltrow Roast Chicken Parody Video

Fun Fact: Abby Elliott, from Saturday Night Live, actually did a Gwyneth Paltrow impersonation as part of her Saturday Night Live audition tape. It’s true. What I’m saying is that this parody of the Gwyneth Paltrow roast chicken video is basically Abby Elliott’s Amistad. She called back into the past, far back to the beginning of time and begged her ancestors to come and help her at the making of this parody video. She reached back and drew them into her, and they had to come, for at this moment she is the whole reason they have existed at all.

This is funny, but it would be a lot funnier if Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t already a parody of herself. Did you know they were thinking of renaming the Groundlings the Gwynethlings? No they weren’t. (Thanks for the tip, Marc, Tyson, Ted, and Lindsay.)

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