Best New Party Game 6

I tried to start my own Best New Party Game on Twitter last night. Has it taken Twitter by storm? No it has not. Has your mom written me like, “@videogum Lots Of Love, I can’t stop playing yr new game, it is 2 much fun #desperatepassions.” Your mom has said nothing. On the one hand, that is kind of a bummer. I tried to participate in this human world of ours, and the human world was like “u could have just as easily not tried to participate.” On the other hand, the only thing more shameful than failing at Twitter is being really good at Twitter. “Oh, he is one of the best when it comes to Twitter.” “Is he?” “Yes.” “That’s too bad.” And besides, that just means MORE PARTY GAME FOR US. Right, you guys? Right? Riiiight?* The game is simple: #HonestMovieTitles. You get it. I’ll go first:

  • There Will Not Actually Be That Much Blood
  • Honey, The Kids Are Running Around on a Stupid Looking Sound Stage
  • Split Personality Club
  • Indiana Jones and the Second to Last (Let’s Hope!) Crusade
  • No Country For Any Men, When You Think About It, Too Scary!

You get the idea! Car! Game on!

P.S. As you can see, my head is clearly in a yogurt cup, so I’m leaving early today on a much-wanted long weekend. When the Gabe’s away the Monsters will play, or whatever, ugh, sorry, bye. See you guys on Monday.

Gabe: Ice Cream Cake, I messed up! Boo hoo hoo, I’m a big baby who wears a diaper apparently.
Ice Cream Cake: Don’t worry. You will always have your best friend: me, Ice Cream Cake!