Megan Fox Would Like America’s Teenagers To Know That Jennifer’s Body Is Going To Be Terrible

Let’s be honest, there is nothing funny or clever about this, just as there will be nothing funny or clever about the movie for which this is a limp viral marketing ploy. Parodies of PSA’s are tired in general, but this one is particularly bad. The mind of Diablo Cody needs a nap! And if there is one single person in the entire world who shouldn’t ever say shit to kids with low self-esteem who feel like the world was not made for them, it’s Megan Fucking Fox, even as a joke. A joke for which she received a paycheck. This is actually gross the more I think about it. It’s so boring and lame and blatantly pandering and tone-deaf and ugly. I mean, I’m not such a stick in the mud as to actually say “remember Columbine,” but I just overheard some other stick in the mud say “remember Columbine” and he kind of has a point. (I know that no one is going to shoot up some school because of this stupid thing, but that doesn’t make it any less tasteless, especially since it’s already just a piece of junk anyway. Ugh fuel on the boo fire.) Just make a poster of Megan Fox’s tits for your stupid monster movie and shut the fuck up.