Duh Aficionado Magazine: “Dudeism” Is Not A Religion

Nope. No. Oh, I hate everything about this!

As far as The Big Lebowski is concerned, it is a sometimes funny, always odd movie. It is probably worth seeing a couple of times just to sort of wrap your mind around it. But in the end it is still just a movie. You can buy in on DVD, and you can watch it whenever. You are an adult. But you don’t need to become an obsessive about it, who alienates his friends and family with his need to belong to a slap-dash counter-culture that really only exists because there was so little to grab onto in the late ’90s. “Do you want to go to the Big Lebowski convention, or the Ally McBeal convention?” “Who cares?”

And as far as this whole “it is a religion thing,” a) no, it is not a religion, and b) it will never be a religion, and c) no matter how many other religions this guy is supposedly a Professor of Religions about. UNIMPRESSED! You’re part of a fan club, sir. You are trying to teach people the happiness of living as part of a fan club. And I would also like you to show me where in the Dudeism Torah it teaches you that one of the key tenets of your moral philosophy is that you should take part in a viral marketing campaign for a car company?


Walking around in a robe all day. Come on! (Via TheAwl.)