Jaime Pressly May Or May Not Be The New Hugh Jackman

Ever since X-Men Origins: Wolverine became the highest grossing movie of all time (surprising! also not true!) in May, Hugh Jackman has earned himself a much needed vacation. He is with his family somewhere, peeing his board shorts on a beach somewhere. Peeing his tuxedo at a romantic dinner. You know. So here comes Jaime Pressly, maybe. From the HuffingtonPost:

Jaime Pressly was photographed Sunday afternoon squatting outside a Los Angeles restaurant as a puddle of liquid pooled around her feet. Was she really so intoxicated that she urinated on the sidewalk in broad daylight?

Haha. Classic Pressly. The actress in her is always taking over. OR IS IT? Jaime responds via Twitter, which is incidentally just absolutely the best way to respond to everything:

Yes….that is me doing dare #8 at my bridal shower..Things are not always what they seem.. Notice my hand in the back..its pouring a bottl

UH OH, NOW WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHETHER OR NOT THINGS ARE ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM! Maybe this is the one time that it would have been better to respond using something other than the highly limited and ineffective method of communication that is Twitter.

Oh wait, she has another Twitter (phew, still the best):

So many funny things about this. Like, OH OK, you were doing dare #8 of your bridal shower. Classic dare #8. What? I guess I haven’t been to enough (any) bridal showers. Is that a thing? “Dare #7: pee your pants in front of a restaurant.” “Hey, someone put the dares in the wrong order!” I also like that DAYLIGHT is what is most bonkers about the idea of Jaime Pressly urinating in public. “You know me, it’s a classic Pressly move to pee in front of a crowded restaurant at night, but in DAYLIGHT? I thought you guys were my fans!” Also, I’m sure that Jaime Pressly has had her eyes replaced with expensive Hollywood eyes, but as someone who still has civilian eyes, sorry, David Blaine, but your slight of hand is actually not as obvious as you might think. Bottl of water? What bottl of water?

This, though, is my top favorite, also from the HuffingtonPost:

Sorry, Jaime Pressly. We live in a democratic society. And we have elected that you peed your pants.