Watching White People Dance Is Never Not Funny

Let me just state for the record: I am a terrible dancer. I know that. I’m not confused about my dancing status. I’m not up here on Dance Mountain teaching an Advanced Class in I Am the Best Dancer. Most of us are just really bad at it. That doesn’t make it not fun. You just get out there and you do the best you can. Good times. Moving at the speed of light, into eternity. Right, guys? But oh man, for as bad as I may be at dancing I am inversely good at watching other people who are bad at dancing. I could probably watch them all day, no problem. Impressed? It is so fun. Always.

Here are a couple of dudes at Lollapalooza last weekend, just owning the dance floor (dance grass?). They know that no one can Top That their moves.

Look at those dudes groove! Go dudes!

(Via Buzzfeed.)