Party! Pizza Party! Video Pizza Party!


Friend 1: Want to come over later?
Friend 2: I don’t know. Why?
Friend 1: That is kind of a weird way to answer that question. I guess because we are friends, and we like to hang out, and it could be fun?
Friend 2: Oh, I see.
Friend 1: Sometimes I think that you might be bi-polar. You’re so anti-social, it can be really frustrating.
Friend 2: I don’t know.
Friend 1: Right. Well, if you want to come over later, we could have a video pizza party.
Friend 2: What is a video pizza party?
Friend 1: It’s where we watch a video of a pizza spinning around. It’s awesome.
Friend 2: It sounds awesome.
Friend 1: I know.
Friend 2: I’m sorry I was rude earlier.
Friend 1: It’s OK.

They embrace.

And scene. Want to know more? Of course you do!

Here is the Original Video Pizza trailer (not one of these video pizza rip offs):

Now imagine that, but for an hour. And only $9.99 plus shipping and handling? That is cheaper than some sizes of pizza. And no more having to wait for it to be ready.

“Note: the Video Pizza video has sizzling sounds as the pizza spins, so you can play your own pump-up music! Or if you prefer, chill to the soothing sounds of sizzling.”


“Very long wait”

( via Afrojacks.)